2020 – complete idea + dramaturgy + production events for children in PRAGUE 3

2020 – hired for “KOUŘ” Tomáš Vorel event dramaturgy and production for never released LP release 30 years of the legendary movie KOUŘ

2019 – hired as event manager, dramaturgy of cultural section of program on international trade for over 30 000 people – art exhibition section, music program dramaturgy and booking management, watch video about the festival from alesco.cz

2017 – 2018 complete idea + dramaturgy + booking management + production ROOTSINEGO movie tour – Czech Republic and Australia event tour – movie screening, 3d mapping, art exhibition, drug harm reduction related discussions. 113kw is also author of script, director and producer of 35 minutes movie.

2014 – 2016 complete idea + dramaturgy + booking management+ production EYEONDJ events – boiler room concept events

2009 – part of production team SHORTEKNOMOVIE and SHORTEKNOMOVIE 2 events – kino Světozor, kino Aero, festival in Ostrava. 113kw is also author of selected short movies for the event.

2007 – 2014 hired as creative VJ on parties, in music clubs, festivals

2006 – hired as booking manager in music club