2023 – Prague Blockchain week serie of events by NFTiology.com8 events

2022 – NFTiology.com educational events for youth / Prague, the Czech organizer for global events of the PIZZA DAO collective, an international organization supporting education in the field of blockchain in conjunction with distributing pizza worldwide across all continents in many countries (the number of participating countries is continuously growing).

2021 – educational events for youth & private group educational events about latest technologies , founding NFTiology.com brand new technologies education

2020 – complete idea + dramaturgy + production events for children in PRAGUE 3

2020 – hired for “KOUŘ” Tomáš Vorel event dramaturgy and production for never released LP release 30 years of the legendary movie KOUŘ

2019 – hired as event manager, dramaturgy of cultural section of program on international trade for over 30 000 people – art exhibition section, music program dramaturgy and booking management, watch video about the festival from alesco.cz

2017 – 2018 complete idea + dramaturgy + booking management + production ROOTSINEGO movie tour – Czech Republic and Australia event tour – movie screening, 3d mapping, art exhibition, drug harm reduction related discussions. 113kw is also author of script, director and producer of 35 minutes movie.

2014 – 2016 complete idea + dramaturgy + booking management+ production EYEONDJ events – boiler room concept events

2009 – part of production team SHORTEKNOMOVIE and SHORTEKNOMOVIE 2 events – kino Světozor, kino Aero, festival in Ostrava. 113kw is also author of selected short movies for the event.

2007 – 2014 hired as creative VJ on parties, in music clubs, festivals

2006 – hired as booking manager in music club